Consultations are available from 5pm to 7pm Monday to Friday 
All consultations are by appointment only. 
Please call our office 9am to 7pm Mon to Fri to arrange an appointment


Our x-ray unit is fully equipped to give excellent diagnostic digital
radio-graphs allowing quick visualisation of an affected area. 

This allows our vets to get greater insight into the area of interest, be it a broken leg or a chest problem, and helps us quickly diagnose any issues. 

Pets generally need sedation or light anaesthesia to facilitate x-rays in order to get clear pictures.


We have a dedicated operating theatre for orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries.
All of our vets are fully qualified and experienced, with a particular interest in treating pets.
We ensure the highest standard of care in the management of all cases. 
All fees must be settled before the patient is discharged.


Dental Check Ups 
Please ask to see the nurse for a dental check and to discuss preventative care. 
Arrange to see the vet if your pet has difficulty eating, loose or broken teeth, drooling, smelly breath (halitosis) or a gum infection so it can be treated promptly.
Dental Treatments
Ultrasonic descaling and polishing and extractions as necessary. 
Pets require a General Anaesthetic  for this as they won’t always open their mouth to say awww!!!
Preventative Oral Hygiene
We can recommend a tailored preventative plan to suit your pet e.g. brushing his teeth or using logic oral hygiene gel, a special dental care diet e.g. Hills t / d or using specially made treats and chews e.g. Dentastix.
Our nurse can advise you on dental care and hygiene for your pet.

Blood Tests

The clinic has its own in-house blood analysis machine. 
This give us rapid haematology, biochemistry and electrolyte results and allow for quick and accurate diagnosis for your pests.

Emergency Service

We offer an emergency out-of-hours service. 
If you call the clinic out of office hours (090) 6665555 you will automatically be diverted to one of our emergency vets who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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