Friday, 5 September 2014


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Did you know September is ‘National Chipping Month’?  Dog owners can avail of free or reduced-price microchipping as part of a nationwide campaign and those with pets already chipped can check that all contact details are up to date and correctly registered free of charge.
To check your details are correct you can book an appointment with us on 090-6665555 and we can scan your pet and check your details free of charge.

Thousands of lost and stray dogs are destroyed in Irish pounds every year. A simple microchip, no bigger than a grain of rice, can effect a successful reunification without delay and implantation is painless.
One in three dogs in Ireland is currently ‘chipped’ but microchipping will be compulsory under the new Animal Health and Welfare Act by 2016.
National Chipping Month is being promoted by veterinary practices, animal welfare organisations, re-homing centres, local authority pounds, pet retail outlets and charities around the country with tens of thousands of offers of free or subsidized microchipping.

Those with chipped  pets are also urged to take the time to check their contact details such as their mobile numbers are correct on the microchipping database.

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